Did you know...?

  1. Children have to stay up over midnight on New Year’s Eve to ensure their parents' healthiness.

  2. Parents are not allowed to yell or scold at kids during the New Year holiday.

  3. If something breaks during the holidays, you have to say "SuiSuiPingAn" (歲歲平安), meaning peaceful and safe for the "year" (same pronunciation as "broken" in Chinese).

  4. Bad luck gets swept away along with the dusts when people clean their houses before New Year Day.

  5. Houses should be decorated with red couplets, red paper cuts and red lanterns.

  6. Shopping for cloths before the holidays is a must do.

  7. Red envelopes with money are given to children by elders to bring luck.

  8. In ancient times, when firecrackers are set off on New Year's Eve, it was for the purpose of scaring off monsters.

  9. Eating dumplings (Jiaozi) on New Year brings luck.

  10. Families get together on New Year's Eve to eat hot pot.